...You Lose Some

Our Second EP, available now!

...You Lose Some is the second Buddy Wynkoop EP, and they made it just for you. Recorded in a cabin on Mt. Hood during a whiskey and pancake fueled weekend, these three songs explore the thin line between despair and hope on the fringes of society. ...You Lose Some is a journey from the spaghetti Western flourishes of "The Look", to the groove that falls apart and puts itself back together of "Bad Magic", and culminates in the boogie-woogie existential crisis of "Man In Hole". These three tracks chart a different psychic territory than Buddy's debut, At The Speed Of Conversation. The buildups build up a little higher, the hooks have more room to breathe before reeling you in, and the musings percolate on the back-burner for a minute before finally bubbling over. Buddy Wynkoop knows no matter how you play your cards, ...You Lose Some.


  1. The Look
  2. Bad Magic
  3. Man In Hole
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The Look

Official Music Video

Who is Buddy Wynkoop?

Buddy Wynkoop is a 4 piece art punk outfit that combines a barrage of spoken word existentialism, shout-sung melodies, a unique approach to structure, and old-school rock 'n' roll aesthetics. Formed in the summer of 2019 in a basement in Portland, OR.